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Can you find a ghost? Can you capture it - or will you get caught out...

GHOST CAM: FIRST LOOK is a spooky immersive and interactive virtual reality (VR) experience where you search for ghosts – at your own risk. 

Come test your paranormal skills and discover if you can gain entry to Perth’s secretive The Supernatural Society. Explore the haunted and surreal paranormal space in VR and see if you can uncover the mystery - and survive.

A Winner of Screenwest’s Interactive Pilot Fund, GHOST CAM: FIRST LOOK is a rare early access showing of the upcoming VR experience GHOST CAM.

Powered by custom 3D environments, game mechanics, 360 audio and stereoscopic video, the room-scale VR is developed by WA artists, designers and programmers for international release later in 2021.


Experience details

Solo journey

Roomscale, standing, sitting

Oculus Quest

No violence or gore